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CEO Lace Tint Set


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The Wig Gurus CEO lace tint set is the lace specialists secret weapon to match their clients skin tone to the lace wig unit. Our professional formula is vegan and cruelty free allowing for a safe alternative to traditional tinting methods. Tinting the lace of wig units is simplified and controlled.

  • Caramel frappe ideal for light to medium brown skin tones with warm undertones.
  • Pure Beige is a neutral yellow based shade with cool undertones. Ideal for very fair brown and tanned skin.
  • Finest mocha is a rich medium brown shade with warm red and orange undertones.
  • Chocolate darling is a deep brown shade with cool undertones.

All our colours can be mixed to create custom shades.

How to use:

Shake the bottle well. Turn the nozzle on. Spray a light layer of lace tint onto clean dry lace. Ideally the knots should be bleached for best results. Air drying is recommended for best results. If more tone is needed simply repeat the above steps.

The CEO Lace Tint Set, For the bosses – Every shade in Our Tinted range.

Whats in the box?

150ml liquid lace tint x 4!

We hope you enjoy slaying that new wig!
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