About Us

Who We Are

The Wig Gurus curated the Tinted line due to the lack of colours that lace wigs and hairpieces came in. This professional lace tint line gives lace hair specialist the peace of mind that will enable them to customise each of their clients hairpieces to perfection. With our ongoing innovation we aim to develop rich lace tint tones which will be all inclusive. We offer a selection of high quality salon supplies to enable you to deliver the best at your salon or individual business.

Our Expertise

Instant colour
Our rich lace tint tones are delivered instantly with our intricate spray nozzle giving you control and even distribution

Our lace tint formula contains carefully handpicked ingredients which deliver antibacterial and anti fungal properties allowing your client to wear their hairpieces without fear of irritation.

Unique colours
With our four highly pigmented lace tint shades, release your inner Picasso and create new and exciting tones.

Our Services

Lace customisation:

If you are not a professional lace hair specialist we can customise your lace hair pieces for you! Just contact us.